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Food & Wine

Top 5 gastronomical Senese specialties

Home > News > Top 5 gastronomical Senese specialties
Postata il: 16 Januar 2018

Taste the typical Senese dishes means to discover a world of genuine flavors and recipes, always in the sign of high quality.

The gastronomy in Tuscany is an art, so we suggest you an ideal menu for your stay in Siena, a tip for foodies, from appetizer to dessert.

Tuscan croutons with liver meat

The starter is a tasty dish: slices of local toast bread with chicken liver, onion, celery, carrots, sage, capers, anchovies and grind, a farmer recipe suitable for every season.

Reboiled, soup for gourmets

La Ribollita (reboiled soup) is a traditional dish of the “poor” cuisine: the peasants usually cooked a large quantity of soup to eat it in the following days.
The essential ingredients are: dried bread, cannellini beans, two onions, two leeks, carrots, savoy cabbage, parsley, celery, extra virgin olive oil and above all a black cabbage, that is typical of this area.

If you like vegetables and potages, the Ribollita is a must.

Pici with pork ragu

Pici are homemade pasta similar to spaghetti and mixable in many ways. We recommend the pork ragu because the flavor of Senese meat combined with the peculiarity of pasta does an amazing mix; there are a lot of local feasts dedicated to this recipe and the best restaurants offer tasty variations of this classic dish.

Sliced fillet with porcini mushrooms and roasted potatoes

If you want to taste a dish which represents the Senese cuisine identity, try the sliced fillet, a steak to get along with porcino mushrooms and roasted potatoes, a tender meat with an exquisite flavor, to taste with a good bottle of red wine.

In addition this area is renowned for chianina meat, formerly principally a draught breed now raised for beef.

Panforte, the most famous sweet of Siena

The last course is dessert and we are spoilt for choice: the Panforte is the most famous cake in fact its story dates back to the Middle Age.
At that time the cakes were sweetened with honey; the early Panforte was cooked with flour, sugar, almonds, walnuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, honey, candied orange and citron peel. Today are available different kinds of Panforte, like the Panforte Margherita, which name derives from the queen Margherita di Savoia.

A royal and popular sweet at the same time, to get along with vin santo.

The dishes we recommend are a traditional menu, ask to the trattoria and restaurants to taste these delicacies and don’t miss the chance to tickle your appetite!

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