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Typical Sienese products to buy on holiday

Home > News > Typical Sienese products to buy on holiday
Postata il: 24 August 2018

Are you upset because your time in Siena is coming to an end. We know how to cheer you up, showing you the best souvenirs to buy in this wonderful city.

In this article you will find what are the typical products that you can buy in Siena and where to find them, from crafts to accessories, through souvenirs and gastronomic speciies. Keep Siena forever in your heart!


Coffee is a tradition that Italians can never give up, while tourists can not help falling in love with it. Torrefazione Fiorella is a small place in the center of Siena, which boasts a coffee with an incredible flavour.

Discover the various blends and let yourself be inebriated by the aromas of these particular and typical varieties. Start the day with a smile, or enjoy a great espresso after lunch to recover some energy!

Olive Oil

Olive Oil is part of the most typical and pure Italian tradition, kept alive by many farms that have been dedicated for years to the production of this excellent product. Buying a bottle of oil in these places is a way to keep this tradition alive, giving yourself a real high quality gastronomic experience.

La Castellina winery, a few kilometers from Siena, is known for the production of a particular oil. The color is tending to green, with a fruity and slightly spicy taste in the months following the pressing.

Tiezzi artistic ceramics

The processing of ceramics is one of the most deeply rooted arts in the city of Siena, a tradition that combines together the pursuit of beauty and great manual skill. Often, the productions are colored and adorned with landscapes of the Sienese countryside or with the typical and traditional symbols of the contrade of the Palio.

The objects are always hand painted, as was once done in small craft shops. The final product, therefore, is not just an anonymous object, but a small work of art consisting of a unique and unrepeatable piece, to be kept as a precious memory of your holidays in Siena.

The Laboratory of <ahref=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”> Ceramiche artistiche Tiezzi respects this tradition with great care. Find the ceramic that suits you in this pretty shop a stone’s throw from the Duomo of Siena!

Travertine marble and Dario Ruffini’s works

Travertine marble is a traditional and local material, used, over the years, by the greatest Renaissance sculptors and architects (and not only) for the realization of the magnificent works of art in the city of Siena. If you are passionate about art, do not miss the chance to buy a small piece carved in travertine in the city of Siena!

Dario Ruffini is a local sculptor with a small craft workshop which is home to his business.

It is impossible not to mention one of his last exhibitions: “local stone cheese”. Forms of pecorino and bread, all made of travertine and locally sourced, with marble extracted exclusively from the caves of the area. An exceptional artistic product … and that does not make you fat!

Laboratorio Artistico Luca

Luca is a local all-round artist.

His great preparation and knowledge of the great of the past lead him to explore many fields of craftsmanship with his creativity: from wood painting to cold decoration on glass, from silk-screen printing on wood to gilding leaf, paintings on fine fabrics and innovative techniques related to typical Sienese objects.

Crafts: La Fabbrica delle Candele

Anything can come from wax, if expert hands work it. It is appropriate to say that in Siena you can find many craft shops that work candles with skill and good taste. La Fabbrica delle Candele – the candle factory – is a very interesting workshop that produces themed floral candles. Orchids, lilies, sunflowers and tulips. Find the flower that best represents you and let yourself be inebriated by its scent!

Jewellery: il Galeone

Do you want to bring with you a souvenir of Siena, or maybe a gift for someone special, that is original and classy? Let’s not forget the art of goldsmithery, of the great Sienese tradition.

Poetry and beauty inspire the work of the workshop Il Galeone : themed jewelry on fairy tales, the Middle Ages and nature to give a product of great quality and absolutely unique.

Cravattificio di Siena

Italian tailoring is known all over the world and Siena is no exception. The preciousness of the fabrics and the elegance of the cuts make these products incredibly special and quality.

We advise you to discover Il Cravattificio di Siena , a shop that produces and sells ties , foulards, bow ties, but also scarves and other incredible accessories in pure silk. Years of experience, choice of highly selected materials, passion and experience.

All a stone’s throw from the Duomo, in the characteristic Piazzetta San Giovanni.

Here are some tips: Many small shops sell pretty little glasses, cups, but also miniatures of the cathedral or other characteristic points of the city. Above all, we advise you to look for souvenirs that are related to the Palio.

For a gift, to bring something typically Sienese with you, there is no better choice than the greatest tradition of the city. Which district do you think you belong to? What’s your favourite colour?


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