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Via Francigena, following pilgrims

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Postata il: 23 Mai 2014

The success of urban trekking in the last years is also due to Siena the chief-town of the national event dedicated to the discovering of the cities by foot, the triumph of  slow tourism against the “hit and run” travels and the more usual tours.

The advantage of the City of the Palio consists of numerous masterpieces, medieval buildings, the historic center almost entirely closed to traffic and thus easily walkable on foot, the mild climate and the hillside location, which invites to long walks, one additional reason to come here on vacation.

The initiative that we report allows everyone to join urban trekking because every Sunday, from 8th June until 2nd November, there will be a guided tour, a chance to discover Siena from an unusual perspective: you can follow the footsteps of the pilgrims who walked through the Via Francigena, the road leading from Rome to Canterbury, as narrated by Archbishop Sigerico in the century.

The tour takes 4 hours, begins from Porta Camollia and continues through the alleys of historic center with the Mangia Tower as a landmark; along the route within the walls of Siena pilgrims were standing in hostels, taverns, visiting palaces and squares, then they reached the most famous destination for European travelers at that time, the Santa Maria della Scala, which was the oldest hospital of Europe.

Here the expert guide will tell you the story of the hospital and its changes over the centuries, the peculiarities of the architectural structure and oddities about the artistic treasures that hosts today. Each urban trekker can pick up the “Pilgrim’s Credential”, a document that certifies your attendance and is a nice souvenir of this travel experience.

The final part of the itinerary includes Porta Romana, the last stretch of the Via Francigena within the town, while lunch will take place in the Orto de’ Pecci, a farmhouse, cultural center and restaurant in the countryside just a few steps from Piazza del Campo. Here you can eat the Bundle of the Wayfarer (Fagotto del Viandante): sandwiches, local cold cuts and cheeses, tasting the traditional Sienese cuisine.

Of course you can also celebrate the enogastronomical tradition of Tuscany at one of 19 participating restaurants that offer special menus, a delicious experience that will make you enjoy more Siena and its history.

To book the urban trekking itinerary (the ticket is 20 € and includes lunch, guide and entrance to the museum), please contact the Information Office and Tourist Services at Museum Complex Santa Maria della Scala, phone + 39 0577 2805 51, email

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