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April 2024
April 2024
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Welcome Back

We are happy to welcome you back!

In keeping with our storied family tradition of refined and elegant hospitality, we at Palazzo Ravizza open our doors once again to welcome back our honored guests.

Our new restaurant, Il Giardino, will entice you with a deliciously refreshed, traditional menu comprised of the finest hand-selected produce from small local family-run farms.

Your Safety Comes First

In our effort to satisfy the needs of all our guests, we have taken aim to create an environment that will assure your safety whilst maintaining the joy and adventure one should feel while traveling.

At Palazzo Ravizza, we respect your privacy. This, we hope, will assure you that your stay at Palazzo Ravizza will be discreet, exclusive, and safe.

Stay Safe at Palazzo Ravizza with Young Living©

In an exciting new initiative, we have teamed with Young Living© the principles of aromatherapy and the use of essential oils to cleanse, enrich, purify, and heal our overstressed bodies has been successfully practiced since ancient times; we believe we have created a special and unique atmosphere at Palazzo Ravizza.

A Special Request

Mainstream channels have fared very well over the past 18 months while small businesses, like Palazzo Ravizza, have suffered greatly, if they have survived at all. As we reopen, we can no longer continue to meet the demands of these mainstream channels; and we require your help to stand independently. We kindly ask you to consider supporting small and local businesses by surpassing mainstream channels. For general information about Palazzo Ravizza and a listing of our official rates please check this official website.

To receive personalized assistance with even better rates, please contact us directly at or call us at +39-0577-2804762. In closing, we believe the steps we have taken during this challenging time in history will offer you comfort and security.

And again, welcome back!

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Book on this website it's worth it
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