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Teatro dei Rinnovati, seven centuries of history

Home > News > Teatro dei Rinnovati, seven centuries of history
Postata il: 3 mars 2015

The stage can be considered as important as a monument?
Yes if we talk about Siena. In which city there is a theater located in the same building of the town hall? In fact Teatro dei Rinnovati is inside Palazzo Pubblico at Piazza del Campo.

The Rinnovati Theater history is inextricably linked to Siena tradition, so we recommend a visit including it in a cultural itinerary.
The origins of this theater dating back 7 centuries ago, when the Council Chamber of the Republic of Siena began to host theatrical performances.
In 1560 the hall became a theater designed by Bartolomeo Neroni nicknamed il Riccio and was inaugurated by the comedy “Hortensius” by Alessandro Piccolomini, staged by the Intronati Academicians.

This theater has gone through many vicissitudes, it was the stage of the competition between the two academies (Intronati and Filomati), was set on fire twice (in 1742 and in 1751), an earthquake damaged the theater (in 1798) and a final restoration was completed in 2009 by the Venetian architect Ettore Vio.

Today the Rinnovati Theater has more than 600 seats distributed between the stalls and 88 stages.
The shows scheduled ranging from prose to concerts and contemporary dance; take advantage of a visit to the Public Palace to choose which event to attend during your vacation.

Furthermore, it was just announced the series of shows Rinnòvati Rinnovati. La primavera della musica al Teatro dei Rinnovati, six concerts halfway between theater and music performances, starting from April 23rd until June 3rd.
The artists involved are Brunori Sas, Davide Toffolo from Tre allegri ragazzi morti, Erriquez from Bandabardò, Nada, Ginevra Di Marco, the rapper Murubutu, Andrea Scanzi, Giulio Casali, Oscar de Summa, and Têtes de Bois with Sergio Staino.

Tickets will also be available for online booking from the website, a good idea if you are planning a trip to Siena in the upcoming months.

The Rinnovati Theater has a long history and today is more alive than ever, a sign that the treasures of Siena aren’t only tied to the past, but will continue to be an inspiration for the future.


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