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What to see in Siena’s contrada museums

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Postata il: 27 juillet 2015

The wait for the Palio of August 16th is even more spasmodic: the most important event for the people of Siena and the most exciting event for tourists is next and we decided to suggest you an itinerary different than usual: a visit to the Museums of Contrada.
Did you know that each of the 17 Siena’s Contrada has its own museum? It is one of the peculiarities of the Town of Palio and testifies the great care of Senese towards the traditions, as each museum preserves the heritage of a Contrada, including traditional costumes, the drappelloni (cloths), memorabilia and more.
To know how to enjoy your next stay, here are some advices on when to visit these museums.



Where are the 17 contrada museums

The first thing to know is that you have to book in advance a visit to any of the 17 museums, so when you are planning your stay in Siena, think about what you would do according to your available time, then you should contact the museum at least 7 days before your arrival to make sure to explore the world of the Contrada.
Admission is free and the following are the addresses and telephone numbers of the 17 museums:

Aquila – Casato di Sotto – tel. 0577 288086

Bruco – Via del Comune, 44 – tel. 0577 44842

Chiocciola – Via San Marco, 37 – tel 0577 45455

Civetta – Piazzetta del Castellare – tel 0577 44800

Drago – Piazza Matteotti, 19 – tel. 0577 40575

Giraffa – Via delle Vergini, 18 – tel. 0577 287091

Istrice – Via Camollia, 87 – tel. 0577 48495

Leocorno – Via di Follonica, 15 – tel. 0577 288549

Lupa – Via di Vallerozzi, 71/73 – tel. 0577 270777

Nicchio – Via dei Pispini, 68 – tel. 0577 49600

Oca – Vicolo del Tiratoio, 11 – tel. 0577 285413

Onda – Via Giovanni Duprè, 111 – tel. 0577 48384

Pantera – Via San Quirico – tel. 0577 48468

Selva – Piazzetta della Selva – tel. 0577 45093

Tartuca – Via Tommaso Pendola, 21 – tel. 0577 49448

Torre – Via di Salicotto, 76 – tel. 0577 222181

Valdimontone – Via di Valdimontone, 6 – tel. 0577 222590


Take the opportunity to discover the origins of a Contrada, the rivalry with the other and rituals followed by those who join their own Contrada. Each location includes the oratory and the museum; furthermore some museums have changed location during the centuries.

The 10 Contrada that will join the next Palio are: Onda, Nicchio, Tartuca, Torre, Oca, Lupa, Istrice, Valdimontone, Chiocciola e Selva. This is the best chance to book a guided tour of one of these Contrada museums and appreciate the historical traditions of Siena.



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