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Palio dell’Assunta, the highlight of summer in Siena

Home > News > Palio dell’Assunta, the highlight of summer in Siena
Postata il: 15 août 2014

It lacks very little to the second Palio of the year, in honour of the Assumption of Mary, a day full of excitement, tension, joy and above all rivalry for Senese people, since each contrada is like a family, an unbreakable tie really difficult to understand for those who wasn’t born in Siena.

However the Palio is an event expected by those who come here at this time of year and loves the competitiveness of a historic race that divides and at the same time unites Siena, which with Palio celebrates her strongest identity.

It begins in the morning with the trial races at Piazza del Campo (since 14th August, this phase is called “provaccia” in the jargon of Palio) and continue until 7:15 pm, a crucial preparation for the race, experienced by all the contradaioli with bated breath.

We remind you that you can access to Piazza del Campo freely before entering the pageant (Corteo Storico) and only the passage of Via Duprè is accessible after the entrance of the procession and, of course, once you enter you should follow the race until the end.

See the Palio race from square is free, but if you want to see the event from a platform, the terraces or the windows that overlook the square you have to buy a ticket. We recommend arriving early because of the considerable crowd of people, the Palio is an event that puts in one place expectations, hopes and dreams of an entire year, so it is important to respect the meaning it has for each Senese.

About the 2013 edition of the Palio of August 16, it was won by jockey Giovanni Atzeni nicknamed Tittìa, who last year won both Palios in July and August.

Tittìa undoubtedly has a natural talent and will also run this Palio dell’Assunta, he running for victory and this race will unleash the best from all the competitors.

In 2013 he won with the Contrada of the Goose and the Wave, now everything is ready for the carriera of August, so celebrate together the uniqueness of Siena!

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