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4 reasons to practice Urban Trekking in Siena

Home > News > 4 reasons to practice Urban Trekking in Siena
Postata il: 30 Oktober 2017

On October 31st, since 2003, Urban Trekking Day takes place in the main Italian cities and Siena is the leading town, so it’s a great opportunity to join this itinerary with the right dose of curiosity and vitality, because “urban trekking” means walking slowly, exploring the lesser known areas of a town, discovering the places more interesting for legends and history.

Check out our post Why you shouldn’t miss Urban Trekking Day in Siena  for further information, this time we offer you 4 valid reasons to join Urban Trekking Day.

Visit Siena avoiding the usual paths

The theme of the tour changes every year, but the history of the town is always at the base of the trail. Participating in this unusual stroll, you will know the story of the Cerreto Ceccolini drummer boy, who told the historic battle of Montaperti in 1260; you can trace the origins of this hamlet into the history of the twins Senio and Aschio; you will discover the legend of Bella Marsilia, the mystery of the underground river Diana, the anecdotes on the well of the Convento del Carmine, the tales about ghosts, sirens and even werewolves, protagonists of stories set between the Botanical Garden, Via del Porrione and Vicolo degli Orefici.

Staying fit without effort

Unlike hiking, mountain biking, and the excursions for well-trained people, urban trekking can be practiced by everyone, is a hehy activity and is not particularly tiring.
The tour in Siena, in particular, is 3,30 km long, it takes 2 and a half hours and departs at 5:00 pm from Piazza del Campo.
On average, with urban trekking you can burn 450 kilocalories in an hour.
Finally, let’s face it: it’s a good pretext to indulge in a tasty dinner at a typical restaurant after the walking tour!

Choosing eco-sustainable tourism

In recent years slow tourism and eco-sustainability are very important issues; we know that Siena deserves to be discovered on foot, our hotel is in the historic center and all the attractions are easy reachable in a few steps.
Urban trekking is an invitation to spend a day without any other means of transport that your own legs, savoring every moment of your vacation in a charming medieval town.

Meet historical characters

Castellare degli Ugurgieri

Thanks to the guides that go with the groups participating in urban trekking, you can learn more about the characters actually existed and their ties with Siena.
This is the case of Cecco Angiolieri: a street of Siena is dedicated to him, close to this street there is the Vicolo del Castellare, a very ancient part of the town, is made up of a group of fortified buildings called Castellare degli Ugurgieri.
It was a sort of reproduction of out-of-town castles where some families were used to live; these families, during the Middle Age, moved to Siena.
Of the many castles dating back to XI and XII century remain only this Castellare degli Ugurgieri, but only partially.

We are confident that you no longer have any doubts about Urban Trekking Day, we recommend you visit the official website to know all the details.


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