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When is the best time to visit Siena?

Home > News > When is the best time to visit Siena?
Postata il: 10 Mai 2016

One of the most frequently asked questions from tourists is when is the best time to come on holiday in Siena, an important demand for planning a travel experience here and be sure to enjoy your stay.

Our answer to this question may amaze you: every season may be the right one to come to Siena, according to the needs, the wishes and the curiosity of the traveler.
For this reason we have recap the peculiarities of each season, with the aim to providing useful information throughout the year.

Let’s start from the spring season, the most suitable for those who have never been in this part of Tuscany!


Credits: Antonio Cinotti

The months from April to June are fantastic in Siena: the climate is very pleasant, it’s not crowded and you can spend a lot of time open air.
Take the opportunity to walk around the historic center (Siena is a town where you can walk a lot!), Discover the 17 contrade, marvel of the shell-shaped Piazza del Campo, go to the Torre del Mangia to admire the view, get up to the Medici Fortress, next to Giardini La Lizza.

According to the number of days available you can see both the great classics and the hidden gems in town!


Credits: Janus Kinase

It is in this season that takes place the most renowned event in town, the Palio di Siena: book well in advance to see the Palio of the Madonna di Provenzano (July 2nd) or the Palio of Madonna Assunta (August 16th), in this period the town is very lively.

All Senese people are involved in the celebration of this rite, and tourists can also join it by booking a dinner in one of the contrade, or following the competition from one of the balconies overlooking the Piazza del Campo. Please take note that it’s not easy to get tickets and the day of the Palio the town has a unique mood, so follow the event and don’t think about anything else.


Credits: Antonio Cinotti

From September onwards the weather in Siena is quite mild and it’s nice to explore the surroundings (as well as the medieval towns in the premises, the unique landscape of Crete Senesi, the thermal baths around Siena for a wellness holiday), or follow unusual itineraries across the town thanks to the Urban Trekking Day which takes place just in October.
As you know, in Siena started this special trekking activity, which consists in guided tours and itineraries suitable to everyone, focused on the lesser known parts of the town.


Credits: Antonio Cinotti

In the colder months there is much to do in Siena, because it is a good chance to visit museums, churches, historical buildings and taste the most popular local food and wine.

You shouldn’t miss a stop at Santa Maria della Scala, a break at a wine bar, a delicious lunch in a typical restaurant, a tasty aperitif in a trattoria located in the alleys of the center, a concert in a club or a show at theater (for example the Rinnovati).

We hope that these tips will help you to choose the best time to enjoy a stay in Siena, a place of endless beauty.


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