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Handicraft products to buy in Siena: Hints for shopping

Home > News > Handicraft products to buy in Siena: Hints for shopping
Postata il: 8 März 2017

If you think that a nice holiday is also an opportunity to go shopping, you might be surprised by handicraft shops in Siena, where you will meet competent and passionate people, high quality products and helpful tips for giving gifts.

We chose 4 shops that you can visit following a brief tour in the historic center.

For further advice please refer to the post Guide to the best handicraft shops in Siena.

Tessuti Toscani


Upon entering the shop Tessuti Toscani, at Via della Sapienza 88, it seems to be in a typical Tuscan farmhouse, decorated with wrought iron ornaments, soft fabrics made with the loom, perfumes, porcelain dishes and cutting boards handmade.

The shop opened in 1989 and, over the years, has become a landmark for both the Sienese and tourists alike who wish to buy products that recall the tradition, because of the accessories decorations.
Carry a piece of Tuscany before leaving, the high quality craftsmanship is recognized in every occasion. The owners have opened two more shops, at Via della Sapienza 64 and in Castellina in Chianti at Via Ferruccio 60.

Il Gomitolo

Think about a workshop dedicated to the yarns, where tradition has not been interrupted, but is enhanced by a new venue with modern design and cozy spaces.
This is the story of Il Gomitolo, a shop that continues the tradition of Casa di Lana in Via delle Terme, maintaining the identity of the sewing shop with the addition of other products for sale, such as clothing, jewelry and other handmade items.
Il Gomitolo also organizes workshops to learn how to spin wool by hand, a special opportunity for those who want to create with their own hands a dress or accessory made with wool.
Visit the official website to know more:

Il Tappezziere di Via di Città


The beauty, you know, is also a matter of style, so it’s a pleasure to buy premium products that embellish the home and make it different from all others.

If you want to enjoy this gift, we recommend the Tappezziere di Via di Città, an upholsterer that has opened at the beginning of the century in Via di Città and is now located in Via San Pietro 46 (where you can find the retail store) and at Pian dei Mori (where is located the laboratory).

You can buy online some of the products of this historic tapestry visiting the website Tapestry Siena, however, visit the store in person is absolutely recommended, to watch closely the quality of fabrics and carefully choose the furnishings that best suit your needs. Among other things, the activity has been certified to use the coat of arms of the Sienese Contrade on their own productions, an additional reason to buy a rug, a pillow or other handmade accessories.

Bianco e Nero

Bianco e Nero is undoubtedly the most famous workshop of handmade pottery, located just a few steps from the Duomo, at Via dei Fusari 21.
Here there is plenty of choice among the proposals of these skilled craftsmen, who create fine ceramics with refined decoration in every detail.
Ceramics are available with the decorations of the 17 contrade, the colors representing Siena (like black and white, the colors of the balzana), or blue and green, the typical tones of this shop.

If you are going to make a gift or take home an item linked to a centuries-old tradition, the Bianco e Nero ceramics are the right choice, because they enhance the value of a profession that requires talent, carefulness and passion.
These are the same characteristics that Siena can inspire in its inhabitants and those who visit it many times.


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