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September holidays in Siena

Home > News > September holidays in Siena
Postata il: 12 September 2013

After the involving summer Palio, Siena continues to offer events, so we recommend a travel in September to better appreciate the landscape colors, the fresh air of the sweet rolling hills and the exquisite gastronomy.
You’ll find all these elements joining Arte nell’Orto, an initiative by the social cooperative La Proposta which will take place at Orto de’ Pecci, a green valley in the center of Siena that is far from Piazza del Campo only 200 mt, a venue where to admire the quietness and the beauty of nature.

The events are scheduled on Wednesday 28th August, 4th September and 11th September, with an extra event on 27th September; there will be an exhibition of paintings, pictures and sculptures by eight different artists, which will inspire the students of Sonnet Workshop. They will write poems played live by Francesco Burroni, Fiammetta Castagnini, Emiliana Provenzale and Mila Moretti, with a live background music.

About Tuscan cuisine, the Orto offers an aperitif at 7:30 pm, followed by a poetic performance, and the dinner at 9:00 pm; reservation is required because seats are limited, so book in advance to taste the traditional menus of the restaurant (are also available menus for vegetarians).

The event of 27th September will be at Sala del Mappamondo at Palazzo Pubblico, to promote the Researchers Night, a special meeting dedicated to science that involves many European cities, that will culminate with a concert, “Tanto JAZZntile e tanto onesta pare. La poesia medievale incontra il jazz”, a match between different ages in the sign of art.

If you like the idea of a guided tour at night, this is the right moment to go to Duomo di Siena: every Saturday until 26th October is possible to discover the floor of the church and the Gate of Heaven, thank to the extraordinary openings until midnight.

Book a guided tour in your language or choose the multimedia version on tablet, and look at the precious marble carpet of the church, then join the visit of Duomo ceiling, this is a wonderful way to make your stay in Siena a romantic and magic experience.

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