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Siena museums festival on Republic Day

Home > News > Siena museums festival on Republic Day
Postata il: 30 May 2014

On 2nd June Italy celebrates the Republic Day and Siena presents a 3-day festival dedicated to the treasures of the town, its museums and Contradas.

The event begins on Friday 30th May with the presentation of the web platform “Ecomuseo Siena”, designed to promote the town of the Palio by the voice of its 17 districts, the Contrada inhabitants provided the content of the website, creating a new project, which includes an interactive map and all the essential information to visit monuments, medieval buildings and the others main sights.

The website, which will be online from 30th May, will include photos, interviews, audio and video documents; at the sala degli Arazzi at the Prefecture of Siena (in Piazza del Duomo) it will take place the opening event at 6:00 pm, to know more you can check (not yet active).

Spend a long weekend in Siena, you will not be disappointed because on Sunday 1st June is scheduled the Festival of Science Museums, dedicated in particular to kids and families, an event that was born to promote the extraordinary weh of museums by open air workshops, thanks to the amazing Botanical Garden.

The Festival will take place from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm; don’t miss a visit to the source Caccialupi and its Bottino, usually closed to the public, or the workshop about the chipping techniques in prehistoric age to discover the primitive painting, or Sensorama, a walk by the 5 senses, focusing on the delights of this land.

The main day of the celebrations will be on Monday 2nd June, the Republic Day, when all the museums and oratories of the 17 Contradas will open to the public, an evidence of the long history that can be visited with the help of 200 young Contrada people from 14 to 18 years old, your guides for a special day.

Tours are scheduled every hour between 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm, each one is followed by a live concert in Contrada performed by jazz and classical musicians, check out the event calendar to choose your favorite tours:

Siena have its important place in Italian history and this festival is a timely chance to see up close its masterpieces and experience the traditions that animate all the Sienese people with renewed passion.

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