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Wine tastings at night in Siena

Home > News > Wine tastings at night in Siena
Postata il: 8 August 2014

The Night of San Lorenzo is the night of the falling stars and we suggest spending it in Siena, even making a toast with a top DOC wine: this is the aim of “Chalices of Stars”, the successful initiative organized by Città del Vino association in collaboration with the Wine Tourism Movement throughout Italy.

In Siena, this event has a particular significance, because just here, in 1987, was founded the Città del Vino association and it’s really nice to admire the starry sky while sipping a vintage Chianti, do you agree?

The venues open at the night of 10th August are as follows: the Civic Museum will be open from 9:00 pm to 00:00, the ticket is 5 € and includes the wine tasting looked after by the Italian Sommelier Association of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs (FISAR) and the sky observation with the volunteers of Unione Astrofili Senesi at the stunning terrace of the Lodge of the Nine.

Here you will discover what it means heavenly harmony, thanks to the exhibition of the students and teachers of the Higher Institute of Musical Studies “Rinaldo Franci”, which will play in the adjacent Sala del Mappamondo.

The Mangia Tower is the second venue of “Chalices of Stars”, we recommend to climb to the top to enjoy an amazing view of the city of Palio after sunset: the opening hours are from 9:00 pm to midnight and you can buy the single ticket at 5 € or together with the Civic Museum at 13 €.

At the Santa Maria della Scala museum complex jazz music is the ideal soundtrack for a tasting based on sweet wines, “passiti” and dessert wines: you can listen to the Siena Jazz ensemble and visit the exhibition “Satira e Sogni” by Sergio Staino, which so far has been a very successful event. Piazza del Mercato is known for the so-called Tartarugone, the canopy that houses the farmers market; on 10th August it will be instead a stage for “Gruppo Estrosi”, a group of artists who will realize artworks during the evening.

Last stop of the Night of San Lorenzo is the Captain’s Palace at Piazza Duomo, where there will be an exhibition of sculptures and other works of craftsmanship inspired by the theme of transparency, combined with a tasting of fine wines produced in the local vineyards. The program is rich and there are many reasons to raise a toast to the charm of Siena, its history and its future, remember to make a wish when you see a shooting star, we are confident that it will come true!

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