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Medieval Festival in Monteriggioni, a step back in time into the Middle Ages

Home > News > Medieval Festival in Monteriggioni, a step back in time into the Middle Ages
Postata il: 14 juin 2018

Monteriggioni is a little town situated a few kilometres far from Siena, in a beautiful and suggestive area called the “Montagnola Senese”, for being dotted by romantic hills and fresh woods, whereas the subsoil is rich in precious marble.

Monteriggioni is famous for being on the Via Francigena, an ancient route that in Medieval Times, since X Century, was used to travel from Northern Europe to Rome. Dante Alighieri himself mentioned Monteriggioni – with its impressive elliptic surrounding walls made up of 14 ramparts – in his masterpiece The Divine Comedy.

Leaving aside the historical facts, today Monteriggioni is an interesting touristic destination and a heritage site made popular not only by its romantic surroundings, but also by its unique medieval atmosphere and above all, by its annual Medieval Festival.


If you are on holiday in Siena, we recommend you organizing one day trip to Monteriggioni, having lunch there, visiting its medieval centre and going back to the town for dinner.

Medieval Festival of Monteriggioni: some useful information

The Medieval Festival of Monteriggioni takes place every year in July and lasts about 7 days (the 2018 edition will take place from 5th to 8th and from 13th to 15th July).

It offers its visitors a true step back into the Middle Ages, with historical reconstructions including traditional banquets, medieval small shops, horse jousts, dances, shows, music and much more. Not only the inhabitants of Monteriggioni play an active role in the Festival’s organization, but also many other street performers gather there every year from all around Europe.

As far as gastronomy is concerned, the Festival offers a wide range of stands where you can try some Medieval “street food”, whereas local restaurants rearrange their daily menu in order to be consistent with the general mood of the event. So, if you are in Siena in July, don’t miss the Medieval Festival: a genuine step back into the Middle Ages and a truly original experience for your children.


Actually, they will have the chance to take part into some activities, enjoying the medieval atmosphere while spending a lot of time in the open air. The Festival gives also a great opportunity to walk around Monteriggioni and to discover all its mysterious fascination.


For more information about dates and costs, please visit Monteriggioni Turismo official website, a useful website where you can also get some extra information about what to do in this enchanting rural corner of Tuscany during the rest of the year, for instance walking itineraries, mountain bike itineraries and much more.


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