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Where to listen to live music in Siena

Home > News > Where to listen to live music in Siena
Postata il: 17 December 2014

Who comes to Siena for the first time, usually want to visit more than the most popular attractions and do sightseeing, wondering what are the places where to listen to live music and enjoy a great time.

We have compiled a short list of the best live clubs in Siena, easy to reach for those unfamiliar with the Siena streets; the choice will depend of course by your music preferences, the concert schedule of the local venues and by your own curiosity.
We always encourage people to discover new venues or go to the local Senese clubs: even though it is not about monuments, there is always a story to tell, perhaps with the help of the seven notes.

La Corte dei Miracoli isn’t just a concert venue, but a cultural association that organizes many kinds of courses and a lot of shows, Dj sets, movie screenings and of course live sets by Italian and foreign musicians, the favorite genres are rock, blues reggae and indie rock. La Corte is located at Via Roma 56, just 15 minutes from Piazza del Campo.

Al Cambio is the name of one of the most popular clubs in Siena, above all among students, here you can dine and often see local bands live, is a nice venue for those who want to know more about Siena underground scene. The address is Via Pantaneto 48.

Cacio e Pere consists of two floors and is a venue recommended for a drink before dinner or a cocktail to be enjoyed during a rock, jazz or folk live set.
Is located at Via dei Termini 70, we suggest it to those who want to spend an evening listening to live music and dining at affordable prices.

Un Tubo is a jazz club where precious wine meets contemporary art and the sessions of prestigious musicians from around the world.
The venue boasts perfect acoustics for this kind of sounds and offers regular exhibitions within the club. Here take place also the performances of Siena Jazz students. Un Tubo is located at Vicolo del Luparello, easily reachable from the Torre del Mangia.

Tea Room is a club that is open from the afternoon that offers every week a series of concerts (pop, folk, and more) and is located just behind Piazza del Campo, at Via di Porta Giustizia 11; this tea room is ideal for those who like to sip tea or infusion on cold winter evenings.

Visit the favorite clubs by Senese people; you will discover a world full of shades and hues, intense and enthralling like music when it becomes an opportunity for meeting and partying.


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