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How to celebrate 2016 in Siena

Home > News > How to celebrate 2016 in Siena
Postata il: 29 December 2015

What is scheduled to begin the new year in Siena? Our recommendations include very different events and activities to appreciate the peculiarities of winter in this cozy town.
We are confident that start 2016 joining funny shows and participating in exclusive itineraries is a good omen for all that will be in the coming months.

Gospel and opera concerts at theater

On New Year’s Day, it will take place the traditional Toscana Gospel Festival, now came to the twentieth edition, with the live set of Cedric Shannon Rives & Brothers In Gospel, a captivating performance that will enliven the stage at the Teatro dei Rozzi, located at n Piazza Indipendenza, scheduled on 5:00 pm.
A gospel concert is an invitation to welcome with joy and happiness a new path to follow during the year, full of surprises and interesting discoveries.
For information and reservations:
Musical events continue at Auditorium S. Stefano alla Lizza, home to Italian Opera In Siena, concert dedicated to the most famous arias from operas by Puccini, Verdi, Mozart, Rossini and many others.
The show is scheduled at 9:15 pm, to book tickets please visit

Nature trails in the forest


It’s never too early to take a hike in the woods: Fonte Gaia Tour offers two guided tours on Saturday 2nd January, recommended for children who want to learn more about the nature that surrounds us.

The first excursion is dedicated to the natural caves in the woods, more precisely “la buca dei banditi del Ferratore” and “la buca delle fate di Lecceto”; the second is a journey devoted to the historical and architectural traces of the Eremo di Lecceto e nel Canale del Granduca.
An experienced guide will explain to the participants the characteristics of the territory of Siena, rich in sites of hermitage and caves.
For further details, call the phone numbers 0577 221795 or 335 34377.

On Wednesday 6th January, the Epiphany, there will be a concert in the prestigious Hall of the Globe’s Museum; here will perform the Choir Agostino Agazzari at 4:30 pm, an event recommended to who prefer to listen to live music in very special venues like this hall of the Palazzo Pubblico.

All initiatives will allow you to see popular spots and unusual glimpses that preserve the magic atmosphere of Siena, favorite destination for tourists from all over the world, even in winter.


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