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Sightseeing in Siena surroundings

Home > News > Sightseeing in Siena surroundings
Postata il: 30 December 2014

One of the activities that we recommend to anyone visiting Tuscany during this season is a museums tour, since the coldest days are ideal for discovering the rich artistic heritage of the region kept in museums and galleries dedicated to different historical periods.
We have chosen two museums in the province of Siena because these venues tell the uniqueness of this area in a different way, in fact in Tuscany the Etruscan and Renaissance artworks are equally important.

Montepulciano Civic Museum

If you’ve already been to Montepulciano, probably you appreciated the style of its Renaissance buildings and churches, yet the Civic Museum boasts a different architectural style: Palazzo Neri Orselli is dated back to XIV century and is divided over 4 floors.

Inside the museum there are Etruscan and Roman archaeological finds found in Val di Chiana and now exposed on the ground floor, ceramic and marbles dated back to XVI century stored in the basement, the terracotta collection by Andrea della Robbia considered very important for the history of Montepulciano, the series of small paintings gathered in the studiolo, a gallery enhanced by these precious works of art.

The most important section is the Pinacoteca Crociani, since the collection of paintings ranging from the XIII century San Francesco by Margaritone d’Arezzo) to the XVI century (the arpiece with the Allegory of the Immaculate Conception and Saints by Giovanni Antonio Lappoli).
We are confident that the Museum will enchant you with the beauty of the artworks that have found the most suitable location.

National Archaeological Museum of Chiusi

At a short distance from Siena, Chiusi is one of the landmarks of the Etruscan civilization, so we believe the National Archaeological Museum an essential stage of a cultural itinerary.

Here is displayed a series of finds from the Bronze Age to the Longobardic Age, with numerous finds of Etruscan Age.
The ticket includes a visit to some Etruscan tombs, a few kilometers away from the Museum, the Tomb of the Pilgrim and the Tomb of the Monkey, both along the road that leads to Lake Chiusi.

A part of the history of Chiusi, however, remained under the ground; to learn more, venture into the Labyrinth of Porsenna, the legendary Etruscan king who ruled the town in the late VI century BC.

In fact what is called “the labyrinth” and believed to be the tomb of Porsenna is an ancient aqueduct with tunnels over multiple levels, today open to the public and reachable from the Museum of the Cathedral in Piazza del Duomo.

Treat yourself to a holiday in Siena and prepared a tour in the surroundings, you will be surprised by the hidden gems of this land full of magic and shrouded in legend.


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