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June 2024
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Visit Museo d’Inverno, the new contemporary art venue in Siena

Home > News > Visit Museo d’Inverno, the new contemporary art venue in Siena
Postata il: 30 March 2017

What is the connection between a city like Siena, identified with the Middle Age and the Renaissance, with contemporary art?

You can find the answer in the art galleries and exhibitions that enhance the cultural proposal of Siena; however, tourists who want to visit other venues and not only the most famous masterpieces preserved in museums and churches, need to find more info about the best contemporary art events in Siena.

This is why you should visit the Museo d’Inverno, a project started a year ago with the aim to invite worldwide artists to collaborate each other and more effectively promote contemporary art.

The museum is located in Via Pian d’Ovile 29, above the Fonte Nuova, a historic water basin dated back to XIV century, and is the brainchild of the artists Francesco Carone and Eugenia Vanni, who have managed to bring together the international dimension art with the local dimension, a key component in Siena, the town of Contrada.

Museo d’Inverno (Museum of Winter), in fact, is housed in the Contrada della Lupa district and it’s just its location in Fonte Nuova that connotes an ancient place of Siena as a meeting point between very different artists who, from time to time, create joint exhibitions and site specific works which become a part of the collection of this art gallery.

The original formula chosen by Carone and Vanni is to invite artists to submit works of other artists from their own private collections, while proposing to set up an exhibition that highlights the relationship between the guest and the curator.

The invited artists realize, furthermore, a work of art expressly for the museum: Maurizio Nannucci, for example, has created the brass nameplate at the entrance in occasion of the opening of the Winter Museum in 2016.
This project, called Dìospero, led to the realization of the project room, the venue that you can visit also by the augmented reality app Layar; this room is curated by Miltos Manetas, and is a demonstration of successful union with the latest trends of experimentation in the digital environment.

The aim of Museo d’Inverno is to become, through this commission mode, a meeting place for lovers of contemporary art in Siena.
The museum is open on request and you have to book in advance contacting the phone numbers 3487438845 or 3333082236, the official website is

Maurizio Nannucci at Museo d’Inverno

If you want more advice on exhibitions to see, we refer to the post Discover museums special openings, focused on the most popular places.


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