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Chigiana International Festival, a classical summer in Siena

Home > News > Chigiana International Festival, a classical summer in Siena
Postata il: 10 July 2015

Summer, in Siena, has a “classical” flavor. We refer not only to the most celebrated event, the Palio, but also to an event that draws its prestige from the past and is closely related to the present, because music is a universal language that doesn’t have boundaries and deadlines.

We are talking about the Chigiana International Festival and Summer Academy 2015, a name that indicates the series of concerts of classical music and the summer master classes, the spearhead of the music events in Siena.

The concerts take place in different venues linked by a charming atmosphere, important places to the history of the town: the Rinnovati Theater, the courtyard of the Rettorato, the MPS Foundation, the Rozzi Theater, the Church of S. Agostino and the Palazzo Chigi Saracini.
The concert by Max Richter (an exclusive for Italy) opens the festival; its performance is an original rewriting of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons with Richter at moog and electronics, Elissa Lee (violin soloist and conductor) and the Orchestra Regionale della Toscana.
Afterwards, Richter sound his work Infra, for piano, electronics and string quintet, accompanied by images curated by Julian Opie.
This year also marks the beginning of celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the death of Count Chigi Saracini, founder of the Accademia Chigiana, which will be ongoing until 2016.

The generation of the Count, born in the second half of the XIX century, contributed enormously to affirm the concept of “modernity” in the arts of the XX century.
The 42 concerts planned are divided into six thematic areas, in detail:
Chigiana Today, dedicated to the music of our era and to the new languages of the contemporary.
Expanded Chigiana, dedicated to the theatricality of the sound.
Chigiana Legends, or the great masters of Chigiana in concert.
Chigiana Factor, students of higher education courses of the Academy debut live.
Chigiana Mix, concerts and special events organized in collaboration with institutions and local cultural and music associations.
Chigiana off the wall, concerts scheduled in the province of Siena and other places of special scenic interest.

To purchase tickets, for sale online and at Palazzo Chigi Saracini from 3:30 pm to 6 pm and two hours before the concerts at the venues, we recommend to check tickets availability by phone: 0577/22091 or +39 3339385543 (in the opening hours of the box office).

Spend your summer vacation in Siena following the Chigiana International Festival, classical music never goes out of fashion.
Official website of the event:


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