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Siena, Capital of Italian Culture for 2015

Home > News > Siena, Capital of Italian Culture for 2015
Postata il: 22 April 2015

The Capital of Italian Culture is an award established in 2015, due to the victory of Matera as European Capital of Culture in 2019.
From now on, every year one Italian town can claim the title and launch a series of initiatives to promote tourism and strengthen the uniqueness of the artistic, natural and historical heritage of the Bel Paese.

Exceptionally for 2015, the city of Palio was chosen as the Italian Capital of Culture along with other four, namely Cagliari, Lecce, Perugia and Ravenna.
We’re enthusiast to celebrate the challenge of representing the Italian culture in the world and discover together what the project is presented by Siena.

The topic is the origin of Renaissance, which here began after a terrible event: in 1348, in fact, the plague killed half the population; then the public space was perceived in a new way.

These are the reasons to come to Siena, Italian Capital of Culture for 2015:

The restored masterpieces of Ambrogio Lorenzetti: in honor of Lorenzetti, the Master of the XIV century, works as the Polyptych of San Pietro in Castelvecchio, the Redentore Benedicente from Museo Diocesano of Siena and the Majesty, now housed in the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, will be on display at the Santa Maria della Scala.

The street art of Clet Abraham in Siena alleys: the link between tradition and modernity is symbolized by the works of art that Clet Abraham will do on the facade of the Palazzo Pubblico and suburban areas, where it is planned the realization of a contemporary version of Lorenzetti’s fresco Buongoverno.
In other words, writers, street artists and residents will work together to make Siena the ideal stage for street art, the most interesting artistic phenomenon in the last years.

The centenary of the birth of Alberto Burri: the goal is to celebrate this great painter, born in 1915, through a number of works owned by Cesare Brandi, who was a great Senese art collector and therefore represents an opportunity to promote the masterpieces of Burri and other authors of the XX century including Giorgio Morandi, Renato Guttuso, Giacomo Manzù and Filippo De Pisis.

The 700 years of Simone Martini Majesty: there will be a new set-up of the Civic Museum, in order to makes the most of the Majesty of Simone Martini, one of the most prestigious frescoes of the XIV century.

Pilgrimage on the Via Francigena for the Jubilee: waiting for the Extraordinary Jubilee, on 1st December it will start an itinerary on the Via Francigena, to reach Rome a week later.

Today Siena is also a popular destination for those who love eco-sustainable tourism, like to travel by foot and explore the territory without haste.
The historic center will be the setting for new dance, music and theater festivals, so follow us to know more about upcoming events dedicated to art, history and culture of Siena.


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