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Best cafés in Siena center

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Postata il: 25 August 2019

When we talk about Siena and its gastronomic speciies, we immediately think about meat based dishes, homemade pasta, Panforte cake, however those who are visiting Siena even want to know which are the cafeteria, bars and pastry shops where it is worth tasting typical local products, before a tour of the historic center, or simply take a tasty break (with a delicious espresso or a cappuccino).

Therefore, after recommending the typical Sienese dishes to be enjoyed at any time of the year , we have prepared a guide to the most famous and peculiar cafés of the city, easy to find by walking through the streets of the historic center.

Pasticceria Peccati di Gola

If you are looking for a cake while you go around the town, at Peccati di Gola you’ll find all the Senese delicacies like Panforte, Ricciarelli and the cavallucci, alongside small pastries and mousse. This patisserie is located at Via Piccolomini 43/45.

Torrefazione Fiorella

This is a must for those coming for the first time in Siena, because the Torrefazione Fiorella, situated at Via di Città 13, offers a great variety of coffee blends as to enhance anyone who loves this drink.

The coffee blends range from Jamaican Blue Mountain to Brazilian Arabica, furthermore at Bar Fiorella you can enjoy a noteworthy Big Cappuccino and an exquisite Mokaccino (made with coffee, hot chocolate and milk foam). Much better than any Starbucks!

Bar 4 Cantoni

It is said that this pastry shop opened in 1833, located on the ground floor of Palazzo Borghesi and purchased in 2006 by the Senni family, owners of the restaurant Al Mangia.

The Bar 4 Cantoni is a historical place, ideal to combine with a route between the monuments, museums and the most famous buildings of Siena. The pastry shop is located at Via di Città 137.

Caffè Le Logge

Caffè Le Logge opened in 2013 so isn’t a historical café, but became a landmark for Senese people.

It is located at Via di Pantaneto 11 and is also an American bar, so it’s also recommended for an aperitif or to spend an evening listening to live music.

Caffetteria Diacceto

This small and cozy bar at Via Diacceto is one of the favorites by the inhabitants, but also passing tourists are impressed by the excellent quality of coffee and cappuccino, as well as the kindness of the staff.

It’s very close to Piazza del Campo and here you can have a delicious breakfast or a break before dinner.

These cues are an invitation to visit the center by walk, we are sure that every traveler will find his favorite bar, an additional reason to come back to Siena!


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