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Girogustando, gourmet twinnings in Siena

Home > News > Girogustando, gourmet twinnings in Siena
Postata il: 19 October 2018

Girogustando is an event that takes place twice a year in Siena, and is a sort of twinning between two restaurants: one is based in Siena and the other is located in another town, offering its menus and its chef only for one evening.

This event is recommended to foodies and to everyone wishes to taste the best dishes of Italian tradition. This is a chance to discover local delights, unusual pairings, top wines from all over Italy.

During the scheduled events, several Italian chefs will be hosted at the restaurants of Siena, aiming to increase popularity of the most tasty dishes of each region.

The origins of Girogustando


This initiative, organized and promoted by Confesercenti Siena, made its debut in 2002 only in Spring, while now, due to its great success, was extended to the autumn period.

The calendar of upcoming events

As for the next events scheduled for October and November 2018, we suggest going to on the restaurant L’Angolo di Acquaviva in Montepulciano, on Friday 26th October, with the guest chefs of Osteria La Piazza in Ancona.

On Thursday 8th November La Grotta del Gallo Nero in Siena will open its doors to the Aires De Plata of Bologna.

On Thursday 15th November the restaurant Dal Falco in Pienza, will host the chef of the Trattoria Sa Bell’e Crabasa of Cabras, in the province of Oristano. On Thursday 22nd November will be the turn of the Tuscany-Liguria twinning, with the menu created by the chefs of All’Orto De ‘Pecci restaurant in Siena, and the colleagues at the Osteria della Corte in La Spezia.

The final event will take place at Fonte Gaia restaurant in Siena, which will host the chef of Tomà Restaurant of Crispiano, in the province of Taranto.


Taste local food delights made by expert chefs

Girogustando twinnings are even an opportunity to book a stay in Siena and explore by walk this charming town; here the tourist has the chance to take a dip in the Middle Age, appreciating its architectural beauty, the result of a long history that you can spot in every glimpse of this hamlet.
Don’t miss this delicious combination of exclusive dishes, genuine tradition and nice venues, treat yourself with an amazing holiday even in autumn.

Further information on events are available here:

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