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December 2022
December 2022
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Most popular aperitivo spots in Siena

Home > News > Most popular aperitivo spots in Siena
Postata il: 1 December 2015

The aperitif, once a common trait of northern Italian cities, in particular Turin (where it was invented vermouth), Milan and Genoa, has spread everywhere and of course Siena isn’t an exception.
We are still in the land of Chianti, Vernaccia and Vino Nobile, but usually Siena is considered a place that has excellent restaurants and trattoria but isn’t renowned for aperitif, a sort of “ritual” in Italy, that must be enjoyed before dinner with a glass of wine or a light beer with snacks or appetizers.
For this reason we recommend some places where to have an aperitif in Siena, especially the osteria, which were a hangout frequented mostly by inhabitants and now also offer delicious culinary delights.

Liberamente Osteria

One reason for the notoriety of Liberamente Osteria is definitely the location: Piazza del Campo 27, the heart of the city. Provided with outdoor seating, ideal for making a toast with a view of the Torre del Mangia, the osteria is very appreciated for the tasty appetizers and the friendly and welcoming staff.

From time to time you will find new cocktails and variants of the classics, such as grape mojito or a “spritz” with Cynar. Furthermore, this year it will also set up a banquet at the Mercato nel Campo which takes place on 5th and 6th December, an initiative dedicated to craftsmanship and typical Senese food and wine.
To contact Liberamente Osteria: phone number 0577 274733.

Osteria da Trombicche

This osteria opened more than 50 years ago and hough it has changed management is always a landmark in Siena. It is located on Via delle Terme 66, a street in the historic center not far from the Cathedral, and is characterized by the small size of the venue and the genuine goliardic atmosphere that make this place very popular.

The name Trombicche comes from the nickname of the landlord Egidio Bozzi, who opened the osteria in the Thirties and who always carried the trombino, tool that was used to remove excess oil from the jugs used for wine.
We recommend you take a break at Trombicche during your itinerary through Siena, after all this is a historical venue! Contacts: Osteria da Trombicche phone number 0577 288089.

Osteria Boccon del Prete

At Via San Pietro 17 there is the Osteria Boccon del Prete, getting there is easy: take Vicolo del Bargello from Piazza del Campo and arrive in Via di Città. Follow this street until Piazza di Postierla and on the left there is Via di San Pietro.
Although it opened in 2002, the Boccon del Prete is a venue where the Tuscan tradition and sophistication of Senese wines triumph, offering customers a satisfying and authentic enogastronomical experience.

The inn has a small room at the entrance and a larger dining room downstairs, very welcoming not just as an aperitif but also to enjoy a dinner.
Contacts: Osteria Boccon del Prete phone number 0577 280388.

A glass of wine is a nice idea to enjoy a city full of traditions and fragrant tastes as Siena, ask advice to the chefs for the best pairings with the dishes in the menu and enjoy an evening in the sign of Tuscan DOC products.


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