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April 2024
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Typical Sienese dishes you should taste all the year round

Home > News > Typical Sienese dishes you should taste all the year round
Postata il: 8 March 2019

These recipes are the result of customs and traditions. These dishes that tell the story of Siena but also of an entire region, Tuscany, characterized by genuine cuisine linked to the territory.

The typical speciies of the town that every tourist should taste range from appetizers to desserts. We recommend to take the opportunity to follow some food and wine itineraries, to be chosen according to the period, or even based on your wishes.

Malfatti, the very typical homemade pasta

Those who love pasta dishes cannot miss this delicacy made with ricotta and spinach. Even called gnudi, because they have the appearance of the filling of “tortelli”, the malfatti are homemade and have an irregular shape. It’s this characteristic that gives them the name “malfatti”. They can be tasted in a variety of ways, but the typical recipe is malfatti seasoned with butter and sage or with tomato and basil sauce.

Panzanella, a dish that is always in vogue

Credits: @regionetoscana,

There are many variations of this famous dish of Tuscan “poor cuisine”, particularly appreciated during the summer season. Some of the panzanella variations are also quite creative. The Sienese recipe for panzanella, however, includes few but selected ingredients: stale bread, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, s, red onion, tomato, salad and a few basil leaves.

You can also taste the recipe that includes the addition of cucumbers.

Cinta Senese meat

Credits: dade.81,

The Cinta Senese is a rather ancient and valuable swine breed, bred only in Tuscany, which in 2012 have had the DOP status. The meat is tastier, the fat more digestible, its taste is unique and unmistakable. Indulging in a slice of Cinta Senese is an opportunity to enjoy a delicious food, perhaps accompanied by a glass of red local wine.

Fagioli all’uccelletto (Beans Braised in Tomato and Sage Sauce), the peasant traditional dish

On this journey dedicated to the typical Sienese dishes, you should taste the beans braised in tomato and sage sauce, one of the cornerstones of Tuscan cuisine. Ideal as a side dish for meat, but also excellent as a main dish, it is prepared by frying garlic in oil before adding boiled beans, tomato puree and a few sage leaves. It’s perfect with bread or with classic “bruschetta”.

Ricciarelli, typical sweets of Siena

The origin of Ricciarelli, the first Italian confectionery product to have had the prestigious IGP status, seems to date back as far as the XV century. Prepared with almond paste, egg white and icing sugar, arranged on a host leaf, they are characteristic of the Christmas period but can actually be found and purchased throughout the year. They are shaped like a grain of rice and are recommended to paired with Vin Santo, a traditional Tuscan dessert wine.

Now you can explore he most fascinating corners of Siena in search of restaurants, trattorias and taverns in which to experience authentic typical delights.

Credits preview photo Ricciarelli: giallozafferano,



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