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Easter Holidays in Siena and province

Home > News > Easter Holidays in Siena and province
Postata il: 10 April 2014

Are you ready to join engaging activities and events in province of Siena? We suggest an itinerary for the week of Easter that includes pageants, running races in the countryside, and visits to a very strange museums.

The first event is on Friday 18th April with the historical reenactment of the Via Crucis which will take place in the village of Abbadia San Salvatore. Is called the “Giudeata”, a costume parade through the streets of the town, a procession with figures such as Roman soldiers, Pontius Pilate, Holy Women, Senators and Jews. The episodes of the Passion of Christ are recalled in every detail, thanks to the organization of the writer and artistic director Roberto Fabbrini.

The Philharmonic Puccini will perform a suggestive soundtrack for the procession, which will end at the church of Santa Croce.

On the same day in San Gimignano takes place the Processione della Santa Croce (Procession of the Holy Cross); here the participants are wearing typical costumes and hoods, a good reason to visit this medieval village well-known for its towers. In addition, San Gimignano is the birthplace of Vernaccia, so you can make a toast with a DOC wine in a poetic and evocative location.

Let’s go back to Abbadia San Salvatore for a special tour, the visit of Mining Museum, dedicated to the mercury mines spread in the area of Monte Amiata.

The mines are now abandoned and accessible for tours along with former miners who will tell you the history of these dangerous places, the beating heart of this land. The guided tours are scheduled daily at 10:00 am and 4:00 pm: spend some time at a unique museum, it will be an unforgettable experience to tell when you will come back home.

Siena offers others interesting events in this period, as the exhibition “Satira e Sogni” which has just opened in the museum complex of Santa Maria della Scala. This is an anthology of Sergio Staino, one of the most talented satirists in Italy. The exhibition includes his watercolors and digital works, more than 300 artworks from the early ’70s to today.The exhibition is open from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm on every day.

Who loves to walk along unusual routes could join the Easter Eco-Trail, a series of sports events where the protagonist is nature, in particular the white roads of Crete Senesi and trails of the truffle. There will be 2 foot races, the first in Montisi on Saturday 19th April at 3:30 pm, a marathon of 22 km recommended only to those who are already trained for the race.

The scenario of this race, however, it is also ideal for a brief excursion, to take some pictures or just admire the hills that stretch into infinity. On Monday 21st April will be held the race Truffle Eco-Trail in San Giovanni d’Asso, famous for its white truffles, a delight to taste in one of the local restaurants, where menus include dishes with white truffle.

The race course is 19 km long, a challenge for anyone who loves to run, taking inspiration from the landscape. At the end of the race (which starts at 9:30 am) the Grigliata dell’Angelo (a special lunch) will conclude the Easter holidays enjoying the best food products from Tuscany. This is the official website of the event:

Don’t miss the opportunity of a holiday full of exciting activities in the land of plenty!

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