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The most beautiful parks and gardens in Siena

Home > News > The most beautiful parks and gardens in Siena
Postata il: 20 July 2016

Are you looking for a remedy to the very hot weather of summer days? Visiting Siena in the summer it’s nice not only for historical events such as Palio, but also for the many green areas in the center and at a short distance from the city walls.

The parks and the gardens in Siena are worth a visit and in our opinion are important as well as the medieval palaces and churches that characterize this wonderful destination in Tuscany.
Therefore we have picked in this post all the green spaces that you should see during a relaxing holiday in Siena.

Fonte delle Monache


At Via delle Sperandie 47 there is the Fonte delle Monache garden (Fountain of the Nuns) of San Paolo, a hidden area because it is located below the former convent. Here the nuns used to wash clothes without being noticed, today you can visit the fountain thanks to the careful restoration work did by volunteers of the La Diana association. To know the opening times we recommend you to contact the association by calling the phone number 339 4333888 or sending an email to

Orti dei Tolomei

Credits: Foto di A. Belleschi, 2007

Start your walk from Piazza del Campo towards Via Giovanni Dupré, until you reach the fountain of the Contrada dell’Onda. From here, turn right to Via Sant’Agata and then to the left following the signs for parking “Il Campo”. The narrow road to the right leads to the Tolomei Gardens, a park suitable even for children, provided with benches and outdoor games and is ideal for hosting film screenings and concerts.

Note The Drop sculpture by Tony Cragg, made of travertine and called “the pear” by the Sienese people.

Parco Unità d’Italia

This public park was opened in 2010 and is located in the area of the former Target Practice, at via di Pescaia, a large green area with trails and outdoor fitness equipment. You can also take advantage of the park to organize barbecues or to take a stroll and walk to the Medici Fortress and the Gardens of Lizza, very close to this park.

La Lizza Gardens

In front of the Medici Fortress you can admire the gardens of Lizza, whose name derives from the term “Cavallerizza”: the place where the knights train.
Head for Piazza Caduti delle Forze Armate and from there explore these gardens embellished with a pond and palaces like the Asilo Monumento, built in memory of Sienese died during the First World War.

Orto de’ Pecci

We suggested a visit to Orto de’ Pecci also in previous posts (for example Visit Siena in 3 Days); this green oasis is really peculiar, because is a farm and garden since the Middle Age and furthermore also offers a restaurant. Enjoy a tempting lunch or dinner surrounded by greenery!

Further info on the official website:

Piazza Amendola

The Sienese call it Piazza d’Armi, but the name of this garden is Piazza Amendola, a playground, which among other things houses the municipal swimming pool, recommended for the sunniest days.
Isn’t one of the most renowned parks in the city, yet is close to Porta Camollia, one of the main gateways to Siena.

Botanical Garden


The Botanical Garden at Via Pier Andrea Mattioli 4 is open by request and is worth a visit as it has since 1856 a place which houses rare healing plants, aquatic plants and tropical species (hosted in a greenhouse built at the end of XIX century).
For guided tours, opening times and ticket costs check the website

Are you ready for a nature trail in the heart of Siena?


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