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Top 5 travel attractions in Siena

Home > News > Top 5 travel attractions in Siena
Postata il: 23 January 2018

Everyone has a good reason to visit Siena: travelers who love Tuscany, random tourists, curious explorers.

We introduce you the top 5 of the most famous attractions in Siena, places which contribute to the uniqueness of historical center, declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Site; Siena is an unrivalled destination.

1. Piazza del Campo

This square is so famous that is instantly connected to Siena: is the place where Palio is held twice a year, is the only one shell shaped square in the world and is considered neutral by Senese (isn’t related to anyone of the 17 contrada).

Piazza del Campo is the starting point of the three main streets of the town: Via Banchi di Sopra, Via Banchi di Sotto and Via di Città.

2. Duomo di Siena

The Cathedral of Siena is built in Romanic-gothic style and is one of the most renowned attractions due to its imposing beauty: the amazing marble facade and the bell tower, one of the landmarks of this medieval town.

The Duomo complex includes a series of prestigious monuments: besides the church you can visit the Crypt, the Baptistery and the Museo dell’Opera, which hosts a collection of sculptures, low reliefs and paintings from XIII to XIX century. Here there is the Maestà by Duccio of Buoninsegna, the ar piece considered a masterpiece of XIV century in Italy.

3. Palazzo Pubblico e Torre del Mangia

At Piazza del Campo you’ll see the Town Hall (Palazzo Pubblico), built in XIV century, that hosts the local government, the Civic Museum and Teatro dei Rinnovati.

Art, culture and history meet each other at the elegant halls of the Palace, flanked by the Torre del Mangia, the third tallest tower in Italy.
The tower is the symbol of Senese refinement and allows a suggestive view from its top, admiring Duomo and the enchanting countryside on the opposite side.

4.Fortezza Medicea

The origins of this fortress dated to 1548, now has keep unered its architectural structure: is the Medicea Fortress, a military building later turned into a public garden together with Lizza, set of many cultural events.

Here is located Siena Jazz national academy, where takes place workshops and concerts, while the northeastern bastions host the Enoteca Italiana, sought-after destination by wine lovers, a public institution that promotes the best Italian wines with tastings, guided tours and others special events.

5. Basilica dell’Osservanza

Siena is important also for its connection with Renaissance age; the last suggested stopover is situated within two km from the historical center and is an ideal model of Renaissance style, the Basilica dell’Osservanza, the church where lived San Bernardino.

The Basilica was accurately restored after WWII and is surrounded by the sweet Senese hills; inside the Basilica there are artworks like an earthenware by Andrea della Robbia, that depicts the Coronation of the Virgin, the sculpted group that depicts the Pietà by Giacomo Cozzarelli, situated above the air of the sacristy, and the polyptych by Andrea di Bartolo that dates back to XV century.

These 5 stages are a spark for a first travel to Siena, the beginning of an itinerary that will let you discover the precious treasures of this charming holiday destination.

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