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May 2024
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Christmas in Siena: what to do during the holidays

Home > News > Christmas in Siena: what to do during the holidays
Postata il: 22 November 2019

The Christmas spirit is in the air. The expected holiday season is coming and Siena is already preparing with a rich program of events to celebrate Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Epiphany in style. Shows, markets, exhibitions and concerts suitable for all ages. Some very popular initiatives of “Christmas in Siena” edition of 2018 will also be present this year. Here are the events to mark in the diary to spend happy holidays in a magical atmosphere!

Decorations and Christmas lights: it’s the “light show” of Siena

Credits: andantecongusto,

Siena will dress up from December 1st 2019 with “A light show”. The lighting installations in many streets and squares of the historic center will be lit, in addition to the traditional Christmas tree of Monte dei Paschi di Siena in Piazza Salimbeni. To make the city even more evocative, Christmas-themed videomapping will be screened, dedicated to children: they will start on December 7th at the Post Office building in Via Matteotti, but will also be replicated on other dates (8, 13, 14, 15 December and from 20th to 6th January 2020, at 5 pm and 7 pm). On December 14th at 6pm there will be the first 3D videomapping on the Palazzo Comunale in Piazza del Campo, with replication at 6.30 pm and 8 pm, the next day and from December 20th to 26th.

On December 15th at 12:30 pm the Christmas tree will be lit in the Cortile del Potestà and there will be the preparation of the crib inside the Cappella di Piazza. While at 5:30 pm, in Piazza del Campo, the Concert of Wishes will be held.

Credits: berna.f5,

The Christmas Village and the Land of Entertainment

Credits: ami_saba,

The special Christmas Village, open from November 16t until December 24th, will have two very special venues. The first is The Kingdom of Santa Claus, at the Giardini della Lizza: a fairy world dedicated to children, with many spaces in which to play. As the dressing room of the “Trucco delle meraviglie” but also “The factory of Christmas”, to learn how to create many Christmas decorations; “The world of toys” with games and constructions and “The Queen of the Ice”, with its fables.

But it doesn’t end here: there are also the “Post Office” where you can send the letters to Lapland; “The stable of the reindeer”, the refuge of the precious helpers of Santa Claus and “The house of Santa Claus”, where you can taste many good sweets! The second venue is the Christmas Market located between Lizza and Piazza Matteotti, with many wooden houses where you can buy Christmas gifts and excellent gastronomic speciies.

Credits: chiaracacco,–/

The Land of Entertainment (Paese dei divertimenti), set up at the Giardini della Lizza from November 16th until January 6th, is another attraction you shouldn’t miss, it hosts a skating rink, the classic games for the little ones and a panoramic carousel at 30 meters height. And of course you can’t miss the traditional Christmas train, to cross the historic center starting from the Lizza.

Credits preview photo: sienacomunica,


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