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Summer wine tastings under the stars in Siena

Home > News > Summer wine tastings under the stars in Siena
Postata il: 3 August 2017

August 10th is the Notte di San Lorenzo (Night of Saint Lawrence), traditionally the best time to gaze up into the sky in the hope of viewing shooting stars and making a wish; what better than doing it in a romantic setting like Siena?

To realize the dream of a relaxed holiday with the best Tuscan wines, we suggest coming to Siena on August 10th and to attend the Calici di Stelle (Chalices of Stars) event, a must-do of summer in Italy.

The main venues where the event will take place are 3, all in the historic center.
The Civic Museum will be open (the ticket office will be active from 8.30 pm to 11.15 pm) for the visit of “Cantiere Maestà” by Simone Martini with guided tours at 9:00 pm, 10:00 pm and 11:00 pm for a maximum of 10 people per group; the ticket, at a cost of 7 euros, includes a visit to the Museum and 2 tastings of fine wines.
Wines will be served in the Loggia dei Nove of Public Palace, while the visit to the Torre del Mangia (ticket costs 10 euros) doesn’t include tastings.
Thanks to the collaboration with the Unione Astrofili Senesi you will be able to admire the stars from the Loggia with the help of the most modern equipment and with the support of volunteers, who will explain the mysteries of the celestial vault during the evening.

Palazzo Sansedoni Credits: Joanbanjo (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The soundtrack is the icing on the cake of a magical evening, so you will be lulled by the notes of the musicians of the Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali “Rinaldo Franci” and the “Golden Sax Quartet” ensemble that will perform in the Courtyard of the Podestà at 8:30 pm and in the Loggia starting at 10:30 pm.

Palazzo Sansedoni will be open to the public from 8:30 pm to 0:00 and it will be possible to visit the noble floor, where the most valuable pieces of the MPS Foundation’s art collection are kept. Wine tastings include local excellences such as Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti Classico and Vernaccia di S.Gimignano.

The third venue of Calici di Stelle is a terrace in the gardens of the Società di Camporegio della Contrada del Drago (in San Domenico) where you will have the opportunity to taste the Portuguese wines participating in the last edition of the international wine competition “La selezione del Sindaco”.
A selection of the best Italian wines will be also available. Until midnight, you can drink a toast to the starry sky admiring a breathtaking view that will make your memories more enjoyable.

Siena is waiting for you for the Night of St. Lawrence, you already have a wish to make?

Credits preview photo: Benjamin


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