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Urban Trekking in Siena: the itineraries you shouldn’t miss

Home > News > Urban Trekking in Siena: the itineraries you shouldn’t miss
Postata il: 10 October 2019

Urban Trekking is a different way of traveling, feeling all the beauty and uniqueness of a town like Siena. The XVI edition of the Urban Trekking Day event is coming: it will take place on Thursday 31st October 2019 and will be focused on the topic “Slow whispers of water and history”, to celebrate the year of Slow Tourism.

Siena is the leader town of this successful initiative: it is planned, for the same day, in 47 other Italian cities.

Walking through the city, looking for glimpses and details

Credits: guiadaitalia,

There are several reasons to choose to join Urban Trekking Day. First of all, the opportunity to discover the lesser known places and the hidden gems of the city: oddities and anecdotes that characterize it, but only a skilled traveler can discover. The path chosen for this year, in line with the theme of the event, will have water as the protagonist. This element recalls life, a common thread between historical eras.

The departure is scheduled every 15 minutes, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm; the meeting place is Piazza del Campo, in front of Palazzo Pubblico. The first stop, Fonte Gaia, is the famous monumental fountain located almost in the center of the square, inspiring a great work of hydraulic engineering.

The walk will then continue through cisterns, other fountains and hidden corners in different parts of the town, including the Giardini della Lizza. Until arriving at the Medici Fortress, the fortress built in the XVI century by the will of Cosimo I de Medici, and the Water Museum, set up in the premises inside the Fonte di Pescaia.

Using a multimedia approach, this museum offers the opportunity for every visitor to immerse themselves in history and learn more about the system of sources and the so-called “bottini” that provided water to Siena. A nice walk of three and a half kilometers, lasting about three hours, inside and outside the walls of Siena.

Credits: @trufflerose_tr,

What is urban trekking?

Credits: lucertini,

Urban trekking is a “soft” sporting activity , suitable for everyone, which can be done in any season and time of day. But it is also a different way of visiting the cities: it favors unbeaten paths, which express the essence of the place and its inhabitants.It allows you to nourish the soul, through art and history, without forgetting the well-being of your body. It’s an opportunity to watch with new eyes all the beauty and peculiarities that each place manages to enclose and preserve, despite the passage of time.

Imagining the faces, the deeds, the emotions of all the people that are living in a town.

Credits preview photo: trekking_urbano_,


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