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May 2024
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Food & Wine

Where to buy food specialties in Siena

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Postata il: 23 October 2019

Perfumes and flavors that enclose history and traditions. Olive oil, pasta, meats, cheeses, typical sweets that distinguish the area of Siena and the entire Tuscany, typical products to appreciate the unique tastes of this destination.

There are several shops in the historic center where you can shop for Sienese food excellences, taking advantage of the opportunity to enjoy, once again, its extraordinary beauty.

Dolce Siena Specialità Artigianali


Piazza del Campo

In Piazza del Campo, the most famous symbol of the town, this family-run shop offers a vast assortment of typical products, both sweet and savory. Tuscan cold cuts and Cinta Senese meat, handmade cheeses and chocolate, but also local wines, spirits and craft beers.


Antica Drogheria Manganelli 1879


via di Città 71/73- Siena

A selection of food and beverages with local excellences: this historical workshop of the city is a must to buy delicacies of all kinds. Cantucci, panforte, ricciarelli for pastry; or extra virgin olive oil, cold cuts, local cheeses and wines. A blast from the past, but also in Tuscan and Italian speciies.


Pasta Fresca Elisa

viale Cavour 146- Siena

UA shop and laboratory of fresh, dry, gluten-free and organic pasta, where you can also buy regional varieties of pasta. A place not to be missed for those who love the most popular Italian dish in many different versions.


Antica Pasticceria Bini

via Stalloreggi 91/93- Siena

A historic pastry shop, open since 1944, a few steps from Piazza del Campo. The ideal place to take a moment to relax during a tour of the historic center. You can choose between different kinds of biscuits, pastries, cakes and typical Sienese sweets, to eat immediately or to take home.

Pasticceria Buti


viale Vittorio Emanuele II 53- Siena

Famous for the caramellato (caramelized) – a crunchy pastry with a caramelized flavor to which the chantilly cream is added – in this pastry shop it is possible to buy several typical Sienese sweets such as panforte, cavallucci, ricciarelli and a sweet old Christmas cake, the copate.

Pizzicheria de Miccoli

via di Città 95- Siena

Sienese cold cuts; porchetta, cheeses and sweets to buy, or to taste on the spot, accompanied by a glass of red wine. The experience in this shop is long remembered: as well as its salami counter and the delicious fragrance that it gives off!

Panificio il Magnifico

via dei Pellegrini 27- Siena

Bakery and gastronomy not far from the Duomo, with a wide choice of desserts, pizzas, bread and various local products, many freshly baked every day. Ideal for buying delicious gifts for friends and relatives, or to delight your palate with the ciaccino (a stuffed focaccia) and the classic Pan co ’Santi, the autumnal dessert of Siena with raisins, walnuts and black pepper.


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