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The genuine flavors of Crete Senesi in spring

Home > News > The genuine flavors of Crete Senesi in spring
Postata il: 23 April 2014

The great tradition of craftsmanship and the vocation for tourism continue with events such as tastings of typical products, guided tours with visits to local companies and workshops to promote the best products of the Crete Senesi, an area with a peculiar charm.

Between April and May you can join the initiatives of “Flavors of Crete Senesi” that we recommend because as taking place in towns easily reachable from Siena: Arbia, Asciano and Chiusure. The events will begin on 25th April and ending on 29th May, a suitable period to plan a holiday dedicated to the discovery of villages and hills near Siena.

The first stop is Chiusure, a hamlet in Asciano, where, due to the barren clay soil, the artichoke is different from any other in Italy. On April 25th, it will open the market of handicrafts and food speciies in the main square of Chiusure and a stand dedicated to the artichoke. Besides you can book a workshop about making toys and sculptures in wood, ideal for children.

We suggest you to join the guided tour about herbarium, you’ll learn how to distinguish t the most common plants and pick your own small herbarium, a natural resource that we often underestimate.

On 26th April, we suggest to enjoy the dinner at 8:00 pm with a menu based on artichokes and Doc Orcia wines by Atrivm farm, and then finally on Sunday 27th the initiatives culminating in the award ceremony of Sapori ad Arte, contest launched to select the advertising image of the next edition of “Sapori di Crete”.

The following Sunday, on 4th May, in Arbia there will be the fair of Sant’Isidoro, a special occasion to buy souvenirs, clothing and gifts along the streets of the village, while on Sunday 11th the events continue in Asciano, where you can join the excursion “Papaveri e pecore” (Poppies and sheep), an itinerary with a visit to companies producing oil, Chianina meat and other delicacies.

For these initiatives reservations are required, so it is advisable to plan your trip in advance and take advantage of “Flavors of Crete Senesi” to savor the authenticity expressed by gastronomical delights and natural beauty of the landscape.

Please check the complete schedule for additional info:

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