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December 2022
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Olive oil tastings and courses in Siena

Home > News > Olive oil tastings and courses in Siena
Postata il: 30 October 2014

In late November, an important event falls: the twentieth anniversary of the National Association Città dell’Olio, which promotes Girolio d’Italia, an initiative born to enhance the excellence of Italian olive groves with a series of celebrations from North to South Italy.

Siena is the ideal choice for this event that will take place from 28th to 30th November, a weekend devoted to wine tastings, cooking classes and workshops related to extra virgin olive oil, which, as you know, plays an important role in traditional Tuscan cuisine.

To join Girolio, go to Palazzo Pubblico in the historic center and to the “Tartarugone” market area, where will be set up stands that will offer educational lessons on olive oil with a professional taster who will explain you how to recognize high-quality products and, of course, tastings of the so-called “yellow gold”.

The whole town will be involved in this initiative: bars and restaurants will offer special aperitifs and shops will be decorated with olive trees, an original way to highlight the importance of this speciy.

Girolio 2014 will be also present the awarding of food bloggers who joined the contest on six issues that explain the Italian cuisine, an opportunity to discover new recipes created by food lovers who want to promote the values of the Mediterranean diet.

The side events of this “tasting weekend” ranging from cookbooks presentations to guided tours discovering the artworks inspired by olive oil out, initiatives which will introduce you to the most hidden aspects of this jewel, an heritage to be protected now more than ever.

Choose Siena for a trip in November and give you an intense and lasting experience, just like the best olive oil that gets along with your favorite dishes.



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