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December 2022
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Top Italian cuisine in Siena restaurants

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Postata il: 6 November 2014

We often recommend to our guests the typical dishes to taste, the local gastronomical excellences and the restaurants where to try traditional menus.

Siena, however, is also known for its hospitality towards other Italian traditions, as evidenced by Girogustando, the event which from 12 years liven up the dinners of gourmets thanks to menus full of Italian delicacies.

We talk about it again because throughout November are scheduled special events at restaurants in Siena and province; thanks to Girogustando everyone can enjoy the dishes of talented chefs without leaving Tuscany.

On Wednesday 12th the appointment is at Patriarca in Chiusi, a XIX century dwell that will house the creativity of the chef Katia Maccari, resident chef at the restaurant, and Matteo Sangiovanni, representing the Nazionale Italia Cuochi association and Chef at Tre Olivi in Paestum, in province of Salerno.

The menu includes, among other delights, ravioli with guinea-fowl and sed codfish crusted with black olives from Gaeta, an encounter between different flavors bound by the genuineness and originality in the cooking of the dishes.

On Thursday 13th Girogustando moves to Rapolano Terme, where is located the restaurant Castello di Modanella, a great farmhouse specialized in wine and olive oil.

The match will be between the chef Giancarlo Propedo and the host Alessandro Feo from Cilento Blue Resort in San Mauro Cilento.

Foodies who love high quality fish and meat will be fulfilled by the exclusive menu of the evening, a good sample of Tuscan fragrances and Campania peculiarities.

On Wednesday 19th the venue will be L’Angolo di Acquaviva in Montepulciano, renowned for the soapstone cuisine (cucina su pietra ollare) of the Chef Paolo Contemori, who will challenge Claudio Bossini, a chef specialized in food fish at Paloma in the Island of Giglio.

The last stop will be in the heart of Siena, at the famous restaurant Fonte Gaia, that will host the tavern La Piazza di Ancona. This dinner is really a must because the Moroccan chef Khimiri Aedelsfar of Fonte Gaia always prepares amazing dishes and the chef Elis Marchetti is well-known for its tv programs on

Are you ready to experience the gourmet atmosphere evaluating the most successful dishes cooked by 2 chefs? Girogustando waits for you, we always recommend you to book in advance, visit to know how to do and enjoy your meal!


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