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May 2024
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Where are the historic vineyards in Siena

Home > News > Where are the historic vineyards in Siena
Postata il: 19 August 2016

Everybody knows that in Siena there are many green areas within the town and close to the historic walls; there are urban gardens where sometimes there are small vineyards, not involved by the changes introduced with mechanized agriculture.

From this peculiarity is born the project Senarum Vinea, aimed at enhancing the Siena historic vineyards and achieve long-term goals, such as the production of Siena DOP wine and soon a series of guided routes through vineyards.
As we have pointed out what are the best wines in Siena region, now we promote this initiative that has rediscovered the oldest local vineyards.

Enotrekking route in Siena

The 10 vineyards recovered until now are Gorgottesco (podere La Vigna-strada di Certosa di Maggiano, convento di San Domenico e podere Ponticini-strada di Busseto), Tenerone (strada Cassia Sud), Salamanna (Orto de’ Pecci, convento San Domenico, podere La Vigna-strada di Certosa di Maggiano), Occhio di pernice (istituto San Girolamo), Prugnolo gentile (podere Badalucco-Porta San Marco), Procanico (strada del Linaiolo), Sangiovese piccolo precoce (strada di Istieto), Rossone (Orto de’ Pecci), Mammolo (strada di Istieto, strada Cassia Sud) and Moscatello nero (podere La Vigna-strada di Certosa di Maggiano).

These 10 vineyards have been recovered thanks to the work of the Laboratory of Etruscologia and Italian Antiquities at the University of Siena, the National Association of Wine Cities with the initial contribution of the Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena.
The goal is to offer guided tours and Enotrekking activities including wine tasting, to allow the tourists to know more about the traditional forms of vine growing in the green areas in and out of Siena’s historic walls.

It is also planned the Senarum Vinea app for smartphones, so you can see information about the stages of the tour by checking the QR code.
The route will start from the Basilica of San Domenico (where is located the garden of the Dominican friars), passes through Fontebranda (where in the past there was a small vineyard), Piazza del Campo, Piazza del Mercato, the garden of Istituto di S. Girolamo and the Orto de’ Pecci, the most famous green oasis in the city.

Looking forward to the birth of the DOP wine Siena, when you are on vacation explore the local wine tradition, ranging from wine bars to historic wineries, going through the vineyards! All these aspects are part of the fascinating world of wine, which in Tuscany has reached unparalleled levels of excellence.
Come to Siena for a holiday dedicated to wine, you’ll be spoiled for choice about places to visit.

Websitefor further info:

Credits photos: Andrea Ciacci


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